Zip Pay

Why pay your shopping bills at once when you can easily pay them in installments?


Make payment with Zip Pay Pay in 4 easy installments No Interest


Fashion Saints has partnered with Zip Pay to give our buyers the financial power with which they can purchase their items without worrying about their finances. Zip Pay is an easy to use payment method that allows the buyers to spread the total bill cost into 4 equal installments i.e. one installment every two weeks without making you pay anything extra for the interest.


Frequently Asked Questions:


What is Zip Pay?

Zip Pay is a payment service that allows customers to buy the items and pay for it later in four equal installments scheduled at an interval of 2 weeks each, without incurring any additional interest.


How to use Zip Pay to pay online?

Making a payment using Zip Pay is simple. Select the items and move to checkout at Fashion Saints. Here you need to select the option of pay using Zip Pay. If you are using this option for the first time, you would be requested to enter some of the personal details using which the company could validate your id and do a quick credit check. Once done, you would have to agree with the installment schedule and make the payment for your first installment. Once the order is approved, you would receive an email/message for the confirmation of the same.


What details would be needed to make the first purchase using Zip Pay?

The details that would be needed during your first purchase include your name, DOB (Date of Birth), and your UK address. Once you enter this, Zip Pay will do your id check and will assess your credit. After this, the payment scheduled would be shown to you. You need to confirm the payment schedule and make the first payment using your debit/credit card.


Is it available for International users?

No. Zip Pay is not available for international users. It works only for the customers having a UK billing address.


Does it charge any fine if I am unable to make the payment on time?

Yes. Zip Pay charges a fee of £4 every week if you are unable to make the payment on time. The fine may exceed up to 25% of the cost of the total order. Zip Pay also notify the users of the payment to be made in advance.


Does opting for Zip Pay impact the delivery of the order?

No. Opting for the Zip Pay payment option at the time of the checkout does not impact the delivery of the order.


If I cancel/return the order, will the payment be refunded?

Yes. In case you cancel the order, Fashion Saints would release the payment of your items to Zip Pay and Zip Pay would then refund the amount to your original mode of payment i.e. your debit/credit card which you used at the time of the purchase.


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