Reducing your financial burden with a simplified and comfortable payment plan!
Complete payment using Laybuy Pay in 6 installments  No Interest/fees
Fashion Saints had collaborated with LayBuy to reduce the financial burden over the customers and giving them the power to make prudent shopping decisions without any constraints. With Laybuy, you need not complete the payment in a single step instead you can spread your total cost into 6 easy and convenient installments without incurring any additional cost.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is LayBuy?

LayBuy is an interest-free payment plan that allows you to cut down your overall cart cost into 6 easy and convenient payment options. This is a budget and pocket-friendly option that does not incur any additional interest/fees.

How can I make the payment using LayBuy?

To make the payment using LayBuy, you need to go to your cart and proceed further to checkout. At the checkout page, you will find an option of LayBuy. Select the LayBuy payment option and then you would be redirected to LayBuy payment website.

If you are already a member of LayBuy simply log in and checkout, however, in case, you are a first-time user of LayBuy, you need to register yourself at the website and set up the account. Once you are done, you can complete the transaction.

Why does LayBuy do a credit check?

For completing the transaction using LayBuy, a credit check is mandatory. This helps in assigning you a LayBuy limit; proceeding which, you can start shopping immediately. All the individuals who register to LayBuy are requested to perform this action before making payments.

How would I be charged?

Once you select the option of LayBuy at checkout, your overall cost of the cart would be divided into 6 equal installments. The first installment is being charged at the same time, while, for the remaining 5 installments, you would be given an option to complete the payment each week of the day, you made the purchase.

You can even log in to your LayBuy account to identify the payment schedule for the remaining 5 installments.

Am I eligible to complete the payment using LayBuy?

To be eligible to make the payment using LayBuy, you must be older than 18 years. Moreover, you need to have a UK/Australian/New Zealand bank account and residential address.

Why my products are not eligible for LayBuy?

Please note that LayBuy is not available for the purchase of the items like subscriptions. In case you want to purchase them, you would have to place an order separately.

I am an international citizen and I am not being able to use LayBuy?

Please note that LayBuy is not available for the International citizens. Only the customers who belong to UK/Australia/New Zealand are eligible to use this option.

What if I am unable to make the payment on time?

In case you are not being able to make the payment on time as per the payment schedule at LayBuy, you would then be charged with a late fine fee.

Does LayBuy impact the delivery of the order?

No. LayBuy has nothing to do with the delivery of the order. Your orders would be delivered with the standard delivery timeframes.

What if I return the product to Fashion Saints?

If you cancel the order and return the item to Fashion Saints then we will release your payment to LayBuy i.e. your chosen mode of Payment at checkout. LayBuy will then transfer it back to your original mode of payment. Also, please note that your other 5 installments would automatically get canceled after you choose the option to return the item.


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