What is Klarna?

Klarna is a Swedish Payment System that allows customers to complete the payment for their products securely.

What’s new with Klarna?

Klarna works on Buy Today and Pay later mechanism. This empowers the customers to purchase the items that they want without worrying about making the payment on an immediate basis.

What are the benefits of making the payment with Klarna?

The benefits of Klarna include:

  • Spread the cost in up to 3 equal installments.
  • Make the payment of your items up to 30 days later.
  • Interest-free installments.
  • No impact on the credit score.
  • Tie up with millions of shoppers and retailers across the world.

Am I eligible for the pay later option?

To be eligible for the pay later option at Klarna, you need to have at least 18 years of age. Then based on your assessment and financial circumstances your eligibility would be decided.

How do Klarna works?

To make the payment through Klarna, you first need to add the items in your cart at Fashion Saints. After doing that, you need to select Pay Later – Klarna’s assessment. Then you need to take the assessment. Please note that this assessment won’t impact your credit rating. The assessment checks your eligibility for Klarna.

Once your order gets confirmed, you will receive an email from Klarna with the payment instructions within 2 days of the order. You need to click on the link given in the email and complete the payment using your debit/credit card. In case you fail to pay timely then the late fee fine may apply.

How do Pay later in 3 installments work?

Pay later in 3 installments allow the customers to spread the original cost of items purchased into 3 equal payment options. The first installment is made when you confirm the order whereas the 2nd and the 3rd installments are scheduled after a timeframe of 30 and 60 days.

What are the factors on which Pay later in 3 installments work by Klarna?

There are various factors on which the Pay later option works at Klarna. These factors include the previous order history, items availability, value of the order, your answers in the assessment, etc. We would recommend you to use your full name and accurate address details while you place the order. This may increase your chances of getting eligible for the 3 installments at Klarna.

Also, please note that in case you are rejected then it does not mean that you would be rejected every time, or if you are given a green signal then you would always be given that. The orders are assessed individually every time you place the order.

Do I need to provide any details while placing the order by Klara?

Yes. We would be needing the details of your email id, phone number, debit/credit card, and billing address with which we can reach you. Please make sure that you provide the correct details as the communication would take place using these methods.

Will the assessment impact my credit score?

No. The assessment has nothing to do with your credit score. This will not impact you or would be visible to any other lenders. This is done to assess your eligibility for Klarna.

What would happen during the cancellation of the order at Fashion Saints?

In case you cancel the order, Klarna would cancel the future payments and would forfeit the amount that had been deducted during your purchase.

How do I know my amount has been forfeited?

Klarna would keep you posted via email in case of cancellation of the order.

I received the statement but did not receive the goods.

In case you have not received the goods and have been stated for the transaction, we would suggest you that get in touch with us or to the merchant so that timely action is taken to locate your goods and deliver it to you accordingly.

I did not receive the statement. What to do?

This could be possible because of the changes you have made in the settings of your Klarna account. You can log in to your Klarna account and change the settings to get the issue resolved.


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