The world’s most valuable luxury brand!

Louis Vuitton is one of the oldest companies in the fashion industry with over 167+ years since its inception. The company is counted amongst the world’s most valued luxury brands with a range of product offerings including handbags, shoes, leather goods, jewelry, watches, perfumes, and a range of other accessories. The brand is known to be making a profit of over 30% profit margin every year.


The History of Louis Vuitton

The venture towards building Louis Vuitton, a fashion powerhouse started back in the year 1837. During that time, France was in the midst of economic expansion and thousands of people were migrating to the city of Paris in search of better opportunities and growth. Among them, the one was Louis Vuitton. Louis Vuitton went to the city on foot in search of better opportunities and started working there as a trunk maker’s apprentice.

This was the time when France was growing and emerging as a superpower. New forms of transportation including ships and steam-powered trains were introduced. That made the venture more accessible to the common people. Within a few years, Vuitton started his store where he debuted his new trunk design. His design was rectangular and was quite different from the traditional dome-shaped designs. It was known by the name of the modern-day suitcase and was admired by the designers of the time.

In view of the great work done by Louis Vuitton, his son Georges Vuitton updated the Louis Vuitton monogram which now had the floral pattern inscribed between the letters L and V. The monogram helped people in identifying the Louis Vuitton products which could now be found over the handbags, jewels, shoes, clothing, and other accessories. The growing popularity of the brand made it a status symbol among the audiences.


Why Louis Vuitton products are expensive?

One of the reasons why Louis Vuitton products are expensive because of their high manufacturing cost. The products are manufactured in Paris and are then outsourced to other locations across the world. Furthermore, the products are developed from the versed professionals of the domain using the most advanced machinery used in its manufacturing.

The addition of shipping charges and other taxes makes the products costly in the marketplace. To counter with that, many of the brand’s customers are now having their agents outside their home country who can help them purchase the brand’s products and offering the same at a discounted price to counter the additional cost involved in shipping and taxation.


Louis Vuitton and it’s Counterfeit

The popularity of the brand’s products and their availability at a premium price has acted as a prime target for the counterfeits. They are utilizing the brand’s classic style and are then selling the same to attract a large number of customers worldwide.


Louis Vuitton and its promotional tactics

Over time, Louis Vuitton has adopted various strategies to promote its products and offerings in a worldwide marketplace. They have tied up with renowned influences like Sophie Turner, Kris Wu, Chloe Grace Moretz who are known to be promoting the products.

Recently, Louis Vuitton has tied up with Fashion Saints that has made it easy for our customers to purchase the brand’s products at the comfort of their home.

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