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Moose Knuckles is a Canadian luxury brand founded in 2009 by Noah Stern. The brand is recognized for its lavish winterwear collection with a range of parkas, bombers, and other jackets. One of the things that makes the collection unique and distinct from the other brands, is the Canadian accent at its core which could be seen in all its offerings.

Each of these outstanding collections is supported by over 74 operations and 90 craftspeople who work tirelessly to bring you the lavish designs and finest possible outfits. These amazing outfits let you create your own fashion statement while keeping you protected from the cold winter season.


The History of Moose Knuckles

The idea of building the brand started back in 1921 when Twik Stern worked in his grandfather’s coat business. After quite a while, he left to study and work in New York as an M&A lawyer. Thereafter, he thought of building the family business with its own operations. He started with a company named Levy Canada Fashion Company in 2004 and created outfits under the license of top-notch brands including Buffalo, Perry Ellis, and Nautica.

In the following year i.e. 2009, both Twik and Stern got introduced to the Moose Knuckles brand by a fashion show producer. By the year 2007, it became a wholesale brand with grand plans to expand on a global scale. Twik and Stern with their experience in the domain took the brand to the next level by escalating its limits and its ability to grow further. The business has ramped up its production with an added range of durable, sexy, and luxurious outfits.

One thing that remained common is the Canadian touch that could be seen in all the products and offerings. All the outfits created a fashion statement for the winter season that does not let you compromise with your style and at the same time, it keeps you warm and cozy.


The popularity of Moose Knuckles

Since the brand’s inception, Moose Knuckles has been worn by several actors, models, rappers, and other celebs worldwide. These include the popular names of Michelle Monaghan, Riley Keough, Leslie Mann, Matt Bomer, Ben Foster, and Olivia Culpo.

The growth in the brand’s sales has been phenomenal over the past few years. Starting from 75% to 76% to 87% and it is still increasing. Today, the brand has been recognized as the third-largest luxury brand in the world.


Moose Knuckles at a Global platform

Today, the brand is being sold in over 42 countries with a network of over 700 retailers and 60 stockists in the UK. The company’s offerings have received a positive response worldwide. The company’s products are good in quality. Even in the terms of a fashion statement, the products are highly applauded. The Canadian touch in all the products is what makes the brand unique and #1 ahead of its competitors. With a positive attitude, sexy styles, and fashion statement it is expected that the brand would reach a new pace.

At FashionSaints, we strive to extend the brand’s reach among the audience so that they have access to premium quality products without compromising with the fashion.

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