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Moncler is a French luxury fashion brand often known as Monestier-de-Clermont. The brand is renowned for making stylish jackets that are perfect for the winter season or a casual city walk. These jackets do not just protect the individuals from the cold winter season, but, it also represents a strong fashion statement in such cold weather. Wearing a Moncler outfit, one can expect a street-style influence with technical fabrication, minimalist vision i.e. balanced by signature. The Moncler range of outfits are adorable and will never disappoint in terms of quality or fashion.


The Inception of Moncler

The name Moncler was derived from the mountains near Grenoble. The initial set of jackets designed by the company were based on the phenomena of protecting the workers from the cold and harsh weather conditions and later became a new creative business model where the designers create a distinct collection that interprets the Moncler identity monthly.

The impressive quality of the fabric and the fashion statement created by the outfits is what Moncler is known for. This is the reason why Moncler attracts and retains the customers with its impressive outfits and distinct styles. These distinct outfits come from distinct designers who have their point of view that draws the customer base towards them.


Beware of the Fake Moncler

Moncler has attracted several individuals worldwide with its amazing range of offerings and fashion-centric outfits designed for the diversified customer base. However, there are several duplicates and fake outfits available in the market on the name of Moncler. A customer needs to be very cautious and they must make sure that they purchase a genuine Moncler outfit.

In a recent case, a buyer searched for a Moncler jacket over the web and came across one with a cost of around $800. He searched the other online sources for a better deal and came across one similar item at eBay which was available at a price of around $300. This jacket, however, turned out to be made of cheap polyester which was a low-quality fabric. This signifies that it was not an expensive jacket and was a fake outfit that was duplicated by Moncler. The customer then filed a complaint with the company and got a refund. But, the delivery charges were deducted from the amount spent by the customer.

The customer then purchased another used jacket on eBay which was a used one and it cost around $200. The jacket turned out to be soft, smooth, and luxurious. But still, the customer wasn’t sure whether the jacket was a real Moncler jacket or not as he was never tried it.

The customer then sought of making a second purchase and he came across the website iOffer. There he found a replica of an authentic Moncler jacket which was priced at $1200 available at the price of $180 in a used condition. The seller had over 1.5 million feedback so he thought of giving it a try. However, the material used in the jacket turned out to be lightweight. When the customer gave the feedback to the customer service of the website, they asked him to contact the brand for a refund. When the customer contacted the brand, he found that the jacket was not an authentic jacket of the company. The logo was not the original one, the neck label was not authentic, the anti-counterfeiting code was cloned, and even the Moncler logo was counterfeited. Therefore, the product was not an original authentic Moncler product.


Therefore, we recommend our customers to be cautious while making an online purchase. We recommend buying original Moncler products without falling into the trap of fake sellers. At Fashionsaints, we directly partner with the brands which means that the products that we deliver are authentic and genuine.

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