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Love Moschino is an Italian fashion brand that is young, playful, and has a range of high-end designs collections. This luxury brand is recognized as Moschino’s sister brand specially designed for those who want to create their own unique personal styles. The brand has got a range of clothes and accessories collection for individuals of all ages. The thing that sets the brand apart is the bold fashion statement that it has created for independent women.


The origin of the Love Moschino

Love Moschino was launched in 1986 as Moschino Jeans i.e. the diffusion of the Moschino Couture. Later, in the year 2008, the name was changed to Love Moschino as a sister of the parent brand Moschino. This new product line was launched with an ideology to give a bold, stylish, and unique look to both men and women who want to create their own set of fashion statements while breaking the traditional unconventional chains. The collection included a range of men and women’s clothing collection, fashion accessories, and eco-leather goods.

The new brand of Moschino is known for the added creativity, intelligence, and ironic character to the main product line. This brings in new energy to the brand that is highly appreciated by the end customers. Furthermore, the added tagline of Moschino made the brand become popular and thriving within a short time. The cheaper prices made the brand more accessible among the customers and had an extended reach over a vast customer base.


The difference between Moschino and Love Moschino

A lot of individuals often get confused between Moschino and Love Moschino. Moschino is the parent brand and Love Moschino is its sister brand. Moschino is for the ones who are affluent and looking for unique and unconventional fashion styles. While, on the other hand, Love Moschino is for the ones who are less affluent with products acting as a bridge to the luxury items.


The popularity of Love Moschino today

The audience for the brand Love Moschino is widely spread in terms of topography. This majorly includes fashion-conscious men and women along with the youth who wants to create their fashion style. The brand has got a global presence and it sends out a clear message of love and peace to the community through an amazing range of Moschino prints.

The brand Love Moschino has been promoted by several Bollywood and Hollywood actors. This includes the popular names of Alia Bhatt, Daga Ziober, etc. They have supported the brand and have termed the brand products as classy, comfortable, stylish, and more accessible to the price points. The price of Love Moschino is neither too high nor too low. It’s set to bridge to luxury with a range of outstanding products.


The unique product portfolio that you would love to have

Love Moschino has got a wide range of clothes and accessories which come in unique shapes and designs. This includes bags, footwear, wallets, etc. in a range of colors, slogans, and styles that lets you step up with your wardrobe collection.


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