Christian Dior - A French designer whose creations have left a legacy behind!

Christian Dior was a French Designer of the 1950s who introduced several iconic illustrating fashions that continues to influence the industry. His innovative designs, rich and royal taste establishes a sense of luxury worldwide with elegance and an inimitable look added to your wardrobe collection. Dior’s success in the domain has empowered women to enjoy the beauty, elegance, and femininity coupled with luxury in the post-war era.


Early Life and a career in fashion

Christian Dior was born on Jan 21, 1905, in France. He was the second among the five children in the family. While he was young, the family moved to Paris where he enrolled at École des Sciences Politiques to become an architect. Dior was architecture by profession and a fashion designer by taste.

His interest in fashion allowed him to open a small art gallery from where he could pursue his interest. However, there were several roadblocks over his way. After the death of his elder brother and mother, Dior was forced to close the gallery.

But, the hurdles in his life could not stop him from fulfilling his dream in fashion. Instead of all these troublesome situations, Dior’s passion for fashion continued to thrive. Dior started selling the fashion sketches and later worked with Figaro Illustré and couturier Robert Piguet. He also freelanced for Elsa Schiaparelli and Cristobal Balenciaga.

Post-world-war, he worked with Lucien Lelong. Dior worked there to design the dresses for both Nazis and French collaborators. Apart from that, to empower women with the beauty of richness, joy, and an amazing set of dresses, Dior presented several sketches to his team. These sketches were difficult to be reproduced, due to which they were given to several teams. From the Muslim received by the team, Dior selects the one that most resembled his sketch. A single draft resulted in 175 outfits and there was a total of 70 collections over time spam.


Remarkable designs that are still applauded

Even in modern times, Christopher’s designs are highly applauded. Dior’s controversial look of lowered hemline that features a cinched waist, small shoulders and a voluminous skirt is still popular among the masses. His variety of silhouettes that include the A-line, Y-line, and H-line are still recognized as a fashion symbol worldwide.

Over time, Dior had also come up with an exclusive range of Hollywood collections where the outstanding designs of Dior’s collection were worn by the celebs including Marlene Dietrich, Claudette Colbert, and Irene Dunne.

Overall, innovation, style, and influence are something that Christopher Dior is known for and all his fashion collections represent the same.


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