An Italian luxury fashion brand that tends to redesign the fashion!

Palm Angels is a luxury brand that offers a range of fashionable outfits, sweatshirts, swimwear, tracksuits, sneakers, shoes, and a range of other accessories. The brand is built with the concept of bringing comfort, style, and casual touch to its clothing. The audiences can sense a blend of American and Italian touch in its premium range of products. All the products of the brand represent this philosophy and bring an evolutionary touch to the offerings.


The Origin of Palm Angels

Palm Angels, was founded by Francesco Ragazzi in 2015. Francesco Ragazzi with his almost a year of experience with the lifestyle brand, Moncler decided to do something of his own. He came up with a concept of adding an Italian touch to the American culture that led to the discovery of Palm Angels that is neither an American nor an Italian brand; rather, it’s a blend of the two. The brand debuted with a unisex collection that was inspired by the 70s culture.

The products offered by the brand added a sense of luxury to the daily wearables. A preppy chic feel is one-of-a-kind touch that the brand has created. This was a unique form of craftsmanship offered by the brand and was highly applauded by the audiences. With its creativity and uniqueness of the garments, the brand tends to extend its footprint to diversified locations across the world.


Bringing future from LA to Milan

Palm Angels have become a ground zero for high-end fashion. Francesco Ragazzi tends to create experiences with the creativity that is bought to the city of angels. As different people from diversified backgrounds come to Los Angels with their unique and creative skills, Francesco Ragazzi wants to showcase the same to the world around.

With Palm Angels, Ragazzi spreads the word of the uniqueness of LAs culture that warmly welcomes everyone to create the place more beautiful with a great set of skills and talented individuals. Every collection that the brand offers is designed from this concept and it tends to leave behind indelible experiences among all.


Palm Angels and the various Inspirational figures

Palm Angels have collaborated with several stars and other inspirational figures to connect streetwear with luxury. These include the popular names of Pharrell, Joe Jonas, EQueen, Nick Young, Playboi Carti, and ASAP Rocky. With these popular celebs, the brand is able to reach a wider audience.


A range of collaborations!

Palm Angels have been continuously collaborating with brands worldwide to extend its reach to a wider audience. Suicoke and Sundek have collaborated witmour, Setai Miami, BBC Ice Cream, x C. & Clarks, New Guards Group, and more.h the brand in 2017. This was followed by Vlone, Playboi Carti, and Under Ar


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