An Italian Luxury Brand with Distinct Styles and Luxury Collections!

Giuseppe Zanotti is the leading designer behind the luxury range of footwear, jewelry, and other ready-to-wear accessories. With his luxury portfolio and unique styles, he had received huge applause worldwide. His success has allowed him to expand his offerings to the worldwide marketplace. Today, the brand operates in over 75+ countries with a network of franchises, boutiques, and luxury retailers.


The History of Giuseppe Zanotti

Giuseppe Zanotti’s venture towards starting his own luxury company started in the year 1965 in San Mauro Pascoli located near the Emilia Romagna region of Italy. During that time, when Zanotti was 7-8 years old, he built the first unique pair of shoes for his mother. He got admired with the design that he had built for his mother and this prompted him to do something unique within the same domain.

Since then, Zanotti had built several unique ranges of footwear styles amalgamated with stones and oversized crystals used in the manufacturing of bijoux jewelry. The ornamental integration gives the footwear a premium and rich look which most of the brand’s customers strive for. All products worth every penny and display flawlessness in all their designs.

The huge demand for the footwear by the customers empowered Zanotti to acquire a shoe factory located nearby his hometown at San Mauro Pascoli. This was then joined by the design and style team along with numerous departments involved in the production of the rich and premium range of footwear products and accessories.

The success of the products and the positive word of mouth globally led several retailers to pick the products for their customer base. This includes the popular names of Neiman Marcus, Barneys New York, Harrods, Harvey Nicholas, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Bergdorf Goodman. Followed by this, several boutiques and stores were opened globally i.e. London, Paris, Los Angeles, New York City, Hong Kong, Miami, Shanghai, Saint Tropez, and more.


Giuseppe Zanotti and collaboration with celebrities

Over time, Giuseppe Zanotti has collaborated with several celebrities worldwide who represent the company’s products and styles among audiences across the world. Some of the popular names of the celebs include Gaga, Kayne, and Rihana.

According to them, Giuseppe Zanotti has bought a new form of art that is quite different from the traditional style. Now, the footwears are amalgamated with several accessories, embroideries, and graffiti which gives them a unique and new look.


A comfortable and style symbol

The high price tag of Giuseppe Zanotti products may restrain some individuals from purchasing the products. But once you purchase the brand’s products, we can assure you that you will fall in love with them. The sneakers are comfortable, stylish, and it worth every single penny you spend on the items.


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