An Italian luxury brand that suites the casual movement’s taste!

Stone Island is an Italian luxury men’s apparel brand that has well-established itself in the fashion world as being resistant to extreme weather conditions. The brand is a part of Carlo Rivetti's Sportswear Company and has been widely popular in the Football Casual Subculture in England. Several fans of the brand recognize it as the brand promoting the hip-hop culture throughout England and the rest of Europe.


The origin of Stone Island

Stone Island was started in 1982 by Massimo Osti with its textile, ‘Tela Stella’, which means made from the washed military truck tarpaulin. The company offers garments that are inspired by military uniforms and workwear. The company uses complex dying processes and treatments with its in-house capabilities and versed workforce to deliver high-performance apparel to its customers.


Think Before you Buy

The customers need to be cautious while they purchase Stone Island’s collection online. There are several websites available online that tend to offer Stone Island’s jackets and end up selling a fake one with a duplicate logo of the brand.

Therefore, we would recommend that you buy Stone Island’s collection from the real websites without being deceived by the spot fakes. This is why we have sought to offer our customers real and genuine products. Fashion Saints has directly collaborated with Stone Island to offer our customers real and genuine products.


The Collaboration with Fashion Saints

Stone Island has collaborated with Fashion Saints with which the company can now have an extended reach to the Fashion Saints customers. The Fashion Saints customers would now be empowered to have an amazing range of Stone Island’s fashion collections within a single roof. They need not go anywhere else. All you need is to place an order and we will deliver you the amazing range of Stone Island’s collection at your doorstep.

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