Balenciaga, a France’s recognized Fashion brand is all set in the market with its wide range of Bags, Shoes, Sneakers, Ready to Wear, Kids Wear, High Summer Wear, Neo Classics, leather goods, and an array of accessories and collections. A typical Balenciaga luxury store acts as a fashion house with its products depicting the cultural, political, and social taste of the modern era.

The brand empowers individuals with the option of making their fashion statement with its storied luxury house that influences global fashion. The products are designed in a way that the requirements of distinct people for distinct occasions are met professionally. With Balenciaga’s fashion products and offerings, one can simply move out with the modern style without compromising the fashion standards.


The History of Balenciaga

Cristóbal Balenciaga, an entrepreneur at an early age had a passion for fabrics that were gifted to him from his mother. Inspired with his passion, he started working as an apprentice, and at the age of 12, he opened his first shop at San Sebastián, Spain. However, due to the ongoing Civil war, he moved to Paris in 1937 where he opened his atelier in Avenue George V.

This led to immediate success and Balenciaga became the theatre of his innovative and visionary styles. The styles of his country, the Bolero lace, and the sharp contrast between the red and black colors were applauded by the buyers and were in huge demand at that time. Going forward, Balenciaga launched several fashion lines and also came up with its unique range of Balenciaga’s perfumes.

The era of the 60s’ empowered feminism and led to a rise in working women thereby changing the habits and customs of the society. Ready to wear clothes with standardized sizes were now sold in the stores replacing the impersonal purchasing mood. This was, however, against Balenciaga’s ideals, as a result, Cristóbal Balenciaga preferred to get retire after serving over 30 years in the industry.

After over two decades of Balenciaga’s death, Nicolas Ghesquière and Alexander Wang became the creative directors of the house. Demna Gvasalia became the artistic director and introduced the new Balenciaga’s collections.


The revival of the old Balenciaga collections

The modern Balenciaga collections are now returning to the Haute Couture. Balenciaga’s artistic director, Demna Gvasalia, at the beginning of the year said that Haute Couture is the foundation of the house and they are planning to bring back the creative and visionary styles that had led to its foundation.


A Doorstep Delivery of Modern Balenciaga Products

The revival of the Haute Couture would allow the people to experience the richness of the Balenciaga that led to its foundation. The products of the brand are now available for the online ordering; all you need to do is to place an order and your Balenciaga products would be delivered to your doorstep without any need to move out to the physical store.


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