A simple and modest design comes up with a flashy style!

Balmain is a renowned luxury fashion brand founded in France in 1945. The brand is known for its simple and elegant lavish and luxurious styles that have gained huge traction worldwide. Whether it is the 90s or the recent modern era, Balmain has always kept the bar high with its impeccable products revolutionizing the fashion industry.

Since the inception of the brand, Balmain has met the luxury brand standards with its premium and stylish offerings to its customers. As a result, the brand is highly popular over social media where the various celebrities, models, and musicians promote the brand by wearing the brand’s latest designs and signature dresses over the ramp and other special events.


The History of Balmain

The lavish brand, Balmain, was founded by Pierre Balmain in 1945. After his father’s death in 1921, Pierre Balmain managed the fashion boutique of his mother and joined École des Beaux-Arts to study architecture. However, with time he found that his interest was in designing dresses and he started working with Robert Piquet as a freelance artist. That was a period of World War II and when things got settled, he started his own fashion house with his own name having the collection of opulent dresses and fragrance.

After the death of Pierre Balmain in 1982, Erik Mortensen took over the brand while maintaining the brand’s spirit of creativity. During the period of his work, he won 2 Golden Thimble awards for the Autumn/Winter collection. Peggy Huynh Kinh was also hired for providing the direction for women, home accessories, and ready-to-wear dresses. After the departure of Erik from Balmain, Hervé Pierre took over as a director till 1992.

Later, Oscar de la Renta led Balmain as a creative director who was recognized as the most influential designer of the time. Under his supreme guidance, Balmain’s collection was critically acclaimed and the critics agreed that his efforts were in the direction towards reviving the company’s old reputation. He tried bringing the haute couture back by serving the private clientele which was the main pillar of how the Balmain was started.

Followed by this, Christophe Decarnin joined Balmain in 2005, under whose guidance the brand started favoring the expensive pricing and became popular for being a status symbol. In 2009, Rousteing joined Balmain and added the Asian influence to clothing since Asia comprises a large part of the brand’s potential buyers.


The Legacy of Balmain’s style continues…

With so many years since the inception of Balmain, the popularity of the brand still continues in the 21st century. Balmain has collaborated with several big names in the industry to make sure that the bar in fashion always remains high. In 2016, Balmain collaborated with Nike to launch the NikeLab x Olivier Rousteing: Football Nouveau collection. The other collaboration includes Victoria’s Street, H&M, Jenner’s Kylie Cosmetics, and L’Oréal Paris.

Today, the brand has been highly popular among audiences. The popularity of Balmain collection is aligned with the principles on which the brand stands i.e. making the designs simple and modest. All the designs that one can see are based on this principle and this is the reason why Balmain has survived so far and became a market leader.

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