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Napapijri is a renowned retail apparel brand in the market that incorporates the imagery of travel and adventure. The brand offers a range of jackets, bags, rucksacks, footwear, and accessories across the world with which one can make their personality elegant and modish. These flamboyant dress collections entice an individual’s personality and make them feel stylish, colorful, and outgoing even in the winters.


The Origin of Napapijri

The term Napapijri has been derived from the Finnish word, Napapiiri that symbolizes the Arctic Circle.  Napapijri is an Italy-based apparel brand founded in Aosta in 1987. The brand has a global presence in over 2000 retail outlets worldwide. The company manufactures bags, clothing, accessories, and jackets that are rain-proof and suitable for extreme weather conditions. Napapijri has been inspired by Europe’s highest peak, Monte Bianco. Its products are a blend of innovation, creativity, style, and a flamboyant look.

Over the years, the company has connected several consumers of distinct lifestyles, activities, and experiences, offering them their outstanding products with which they can create their unique style while creating a better tomorrow.

The parent brand of Napapijri is VF Corporation which is a US-based clothing manufacturer and had acquired Napapijri in 2004. VFs tagline adds to a unique, sustainable, and active look filling the wearers with positivity, creativity, and possibility. The ongoing and intentional evolution is what the brand inspires its customers about and with this, the brand tends to cater to the customer’s need for tomorrow with innovation and sustainability.


A collection of high-class dresses and accessories

The company offers a collection of outstanding styles that are suitable for all kinds of environments. All these styles are designed from the high-class fabric that keeps an individual comfortable, warm and protected from any kind of natural calamity. The company’s wide range of collections includes backpacks, duffel bags, shoulder bags, cross-body bags, along with accessories like hats, gloves, socks, belts, etc.


Product Promotions

The company offers several promotional campaigns and discount offers to promote the products offered by the company. These are inclusive of the sales offers, promo codes, coupon codes, gift cards, etc. with which the company allows several customers to explore the richness of the company’s flamboyant collection.


A collection that you would love to wear

Whether you are a kid, girl, boy, or a person of any age, Napapijri has got an outstanding collection that you would love to wear. These are not just stylish collection, instead, the clothes are made from the perfect rich fabric that would not just protect you from the harsh environments, but, at the same time give you a unique personality with style.


Napapijri has now collaborated with Fashion Saints

Napapijri has now collaborated with Fashion Saints with which they can extend their reach to the new customers. Fashion Saints, customers can now get the amazing set of products and accessories directly at their doorsteps with just a few clicks. All you need is to place an order and that’s all, you are done. We will deliver you the cool and stylish Napapijri collection at your doorstep.

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