A polarizing brand with an uncompromising luxury style!

Philipp Plein is a renowned brand known for its opulence and luxury. The offerings of the brand depict a strong essence of creativity and innovation which gives the brand a unique edge that sets it apart from its competitors. Philipp Plein empowers an individual to depict freedom of expression and a strong rock attitude. Wearing the brand raises an individual’s self-confidence with which an individual can expect the best out of their life.

The brand lets you live a fabulous life with luxury items. All you need is to wear the luxury outfits offered by the brand and you will enter into a world of richness and premium comfort. You will then be able to speak out what’s inside you without any fear or discomfort. The brand boosts you with a passion or desire to emotionally and intellectually meet your needs while boosting your level of self-confidence.

The offerings of the Philipp Plein include the items related to clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, and boys and girls wear with which one can represent their flamboyant look with creativity and innovation.


The History of Philipp Plein

Philipp Plein’s origin started back in 1998 by Philipp Patrick Plein from the pet industry. During that time his family’s dogs destroyed their plushy Burberry dog beds.  Philipp Patrick Plein struggled with finding a dogs’ bed that could match with the interiors of his home, so, he designed a steel sofa for the dogs himself. His success in designing the steel sofa motivated him to grow further in the industry. From there, Philipp Patrick Plein designed furniture and a few handbags for humans.

In 2004, Philipp Plein came up with vintage military jackets that were embroidered with Swarovski Skulls. Later, the brand expanded to accessories line, heavy metal collection, spring/summer collection, fall/winter collection, and more.

Philipp Patrick Plein, in 2010, staged his first fashion show in Milan, and followed by that, in 2017, the brand has been popular in the United States and other parts of the world. The products depicted by the brand in the various fashion shows have shown a phenomenal performance globally. Today, the brand has over 88 Philipp Plain mono-brand stores and 26 billionaire mono-brand stores worldwide.


The Popularity of Philipp Plein

Over the time, Philipp Plein has been promoted by various celebrities that include the popular names of Chris Brown, Fergie, Grace Jones, Mischa Barton, Theophilus London, Floyd Mayweather, Lindsay Lohan, Jeremy Meeks, Rita Ora, Snoop Dogg, Iggy Azalea, Naomi Campbell, and more.

Philipp Plein has won several fashion events so far. This includes the popular, GQ Awards National Brand of the Year 2007, New Faces Award in Fashion Category 2008, International Fashion Brand award 2014, GQ Germany Man of the Year Award in Fashion 2016, International Fashion Award 2016, and GQ British Man of the Year 2018.


If you have not yet tried the offerings of Philipp Plein, try it once! You will definitely fall in love with the premium products. You will boost your self-confidence and shout out loud about what’s inside you fearlessly.

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