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Kenzo is a luxury fashion brand founded in 1970 by the Japanese designer, Kenzo Takada. The brand depicts an amalgamation of the Asian, Japanese, and European fashion styles that creates unique sophisticated creativity with a blend of prints and harmony of refined colors.

The brand is known for its bold looks, vibrant energy, and a range of colors that it offers. All the garments offered by Kenzo are inspired by the new generation men and women creating a forward-thinking vibe with elegance and style. With its forward-looking approach, the brand is one of the most likable brands in the fashion industry with its net worth of over $100 million.


The History of Kenzo

Kenzo started as a ‘Jungle Jap’ boutique at Galerie Vivienne, Paris by Kenzo Takada. The brand started with the handmade women’s clothing and later expanded to men’s clothing, kid’s clothing, home collections, and fragrances. However, later in 1976, after considering the responses of the audience at a fashion show event in New York, the brand became to be known as Kenzo from Jungle Jap.


The Kenzo Logo

The Kenzo logo has been updated from its flower embedded design to the new iconic tiger logo. The logo depicts the boldness, bright, and fearless personality that the brand strives to bring out from an individual. The colors used are strong, courageous, distinctive, and heroic depicting an individual’s willingness to take risks and be a free person, with full of confidence and positivity.

When Kenzo updated their logo, it ran into the controversies, however later, when the company released its products including t-shirts and jackets having the logo embedded on it, the designs were loved by the fans. Within a few hours of the release of the new products, all the stocks were sold. The message that the company tends to give brings out a unique courageous look of an individual.


The Rising Popularity of Kenzo

Over time with Kenzo’s impeccable products and offerings, the brand has gained huge traction among the audiences. Its rising popularity among celebrities has made the brand reach across wider audiences. Many celebrities and fashion bloggers including Joan Smalls, Spike Jonze, Jay Z, Swizz Beatz, Selena Gomez, Kevin Hart, Rihanna, Lorde, Beyonce, Zooey Deschanel, and David Lynch have come forward wearing the collections of this amazing brand.


The Kenzo Fashion

Kenzo gives its audiences an option to get a break from their regular outfits with bold prints and entertaining formats. The brand blends the influences together from the various patterns, cultures, and decor. Wearing the bold prints, patterns, and the rich graphics gives an individual a super casual look empowering them to breathe fresh energy with Kenzo’s legacy.

Overall, Kenzo brings liberty in fashion in a way how clothes are being worn and the way people move with different colors. Kenzo tends to bring a beautiful, free, and dynamic person inside you. With Kenzo, one can create a unique identity with the brand’s creative expressions. The dazzling beauty would make the world a beautiful place with new looks and coming of age experience.

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