A luxury fashion powerhouse known for Fur and premium garments!

Fendi is an Italian fashion brand that is widely known for its fur and leather good designs. The brand is popular worldwide and has gained huge traction for high celeb adoption and social media engagement. The brand cultivates high-class craftsmanship, creating a legacy of unprecedented creativity and invention in the art of fur. With time, the company has widely adopted the use of new techniques that have made the fur soft, light, and versatile; representing a new realm of fashion experimentation.


The origin of Fendi

Fendi was launched by Adele and Edoardo Fendi in 1925 as a fur and leather shop in Rome. During that time, the company was popular for its luxury fur, leather goods, and other range of luxury products. Followed by the launch of Fendi, the company opened its first boutique, a fur workshop, and a handbag shop in 1926, gaining immediate success and popularity among the public.

Fendi was a family-owned business during the early years of its launch. Five sisters namely, Franca, Anna, Alda, Paola, and Carla joined the company in the year 1946 as the second generation of its family-owned business with each having a share of over 20%.

By the year 1965, the five sisters collaborated with a German designer, named, Karl Lagerfeld who later became the creative director of the luxury fashion house of the time. His innovative and creative ideas molded the fashion industry; the fur that the company used has now changed, redesigned, and reinterpreted. The company during that time also came up with a double F logo representing ‘Fun Furs.’

During the year 1992, the third generation of the Fendi family joined the company, followed by which, in 1994, Karl Lagerfeld was given the responsibility of accessories and menswear line in the company.

Fendi, during that time, was recognized as Family-owned enterprises. However, after 1999, Prada and LMVH joined forces to buy over 51% of Fendi’s stakes. Around 49% of the stake of the Fendi sisters were acquired by them. During the year 2002, 25.5% of the stake was added to LMVH, and Carla, one of the sisters became a minority owner of the company till the year 2008.

Followed by this, intuitiveness and creativity were added by Fendi into their operations. In 2014, drones were used for catwalk fashion. By 2017, Fendi released a customization shop in collaboration with the e-commerce platform.

Recently, Kim Jones has joined Fendi as an Artistic Director of the ready-to-wear fur collection for women.


Fendi promoted by Celebs

Over time, Fendi has been promoted by several celebrities worldwide. Some of the popular names on the list include Sarah Jessica Parker, Rihanna, Jourdon Dunn, Rachel Feinstein, and Leandra Medine. The company has signed a partnership with Galleria Borghese, an art gallery in Rome to support the museum’s exhibitions.

The company also releases out several discount events, offers on time to allow their customers to buy the rich and genuine Fendi accessories with which they can make a difference in their lives.

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