A Grey color Zone Between Black and White!

Off-White is an Italian luxury fashion brand with its headquarters located in Milan, Italy. The brand offers its products in the premium luxury segments with colors slightly different from white and black i.e. Vanilla, Ivory, Eggshell, Grey, and Cream. The company is known for the quotation marks around its products and it acts as an identifier of the brand. The brand has got the retail stores at several locations worldwide. This includes the marketplace of London, New York, Milan, Tokyo, Hong Kong, etc.


The History of Off-White

Off-White was initially founded by Virgil Abloh as ‘Pyrex Vision’ in 2012. Later, the company was rebranded as Off-White which is described as a grey area between black and white. The company had got its headquarters in Milan and it is because of this, the products are known to be made in Italy with an American aesthetic.

The products manufactured under the name Off-White has got its unique ideology. This could be seen in the zebra pattern and the quotation marks inscribed in the products. The company believes that these marks tend to be there for an indefinite period giving people space where they can unleash their creativity.

Over time, the company has successfully captured the streets empowering the youth to style themselves in their way without anything being established like who should wear what.


The Story of Off-White Controversy

In the year 2012, the boutique, under the name of Pyrex Vision, started with a concept that was highly enviable and clever. They purchased the discounted pieces of Ralph Lauren dead stock and then sold the same for hundreds of dollars with simple graphics embedded over them. The company was under the limelight for this and the brand’s customer base was highly impacted by this. To combat that, the company rebranded its offerings under the name of Off-White.


Off-White v/s OffWhite Co.

Last year, the company has received a complaint from OffWhite Co. related to the violation of copyrights. In this case, one of the company’s products was spelled without a hyphen due to which the logo was too close to that of OffWhite Co. that was established over 16 years early ago. The company is known to use this possibility to get higher in the search engine and social networks. It also uses the hashtag #OffWhite to monopolize the market and grab the attention of the end-users.


Off-White Collaboration

Over time, Off-White has collaborated with several brands and designers worldwide. This includes the renowned players in the market including Nike, Sunglass Hut, Evian, Champion, IKEA, Jimmy Choo, Rimowa, Levi, Browns, Warby Parker, Moncler, ASAP Rocky, SSENSE, Converse, Umbro, Takashi Murakami, Boys Noize, Timberland, Barneys New York, Le Bon Marche, Heron Preston, and more. The recent collaboration of the brand was with the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago.

This time, Off-White has collaborated with Fashion Saints. The collaboration has allowed the company to sell its products with an extended arm of Fashion Saint’s retail customers. The customers can now simply access the premium products directly via our website.

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