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Pyrenex is a popular Cruise fashion brand that is known for its exceptional performance in terms of quality, lightness, and durability. The brand is renowned for its premium raw materials and for beautifying the feathers collected from the best farms of South West France.

Pyrenex does stringent checks over the quality of raw materials used in designing the fabric. For that purpose, they select only the best producers in Pyrenees, Poitou, and Aquitaine. This gives the Pyrenex outfits a unique shape and feels thereby, making their outfits light, durable, and flexible.


The History of Pyrenex

Pyrenex was started in 1859 by Abel Crabos as a French company that specialized in down jackets and feathers. Abel started by collecting feathers from the farms and markets located nearby the Pyrenees in the South West of France. In the following years, Abel’s son, Rene Crabos, joined him and helped the family business grow further.

By the year 1940, Rene Crabos’s wife, Marie Crabos, developed a jacket for the prisoners to protect them from the cold and harsh weather. Later, their son Andre Carbos created a sleeping bed. By that time, Andre’s brother had also joined and Pyrenex became an official brand of the company. The company then started the production of mountaineering jackets in the 1970s that later became a favorite expression ground for its products.

The mountaineering jackets had received a positive response worldwide and it came to be known as a technical garment. The jacket was designed in a way to protect and safeguard the wearer in extreme weather conditions. This gave a head start to the brand and made it popular among the wearers.

From the mountains to the streets, the jackets were liked by all and later became an everyday wearable product. The company also started the production of other products like hoodies, jumpers, and gilets. The company also collaborated with the renowned fashion designers of the time including Alexis Mabille and Alexandre Vauthier.

By 2009, Pyrenex came up with a new Pyrenex Premium line for its premium range of urban jackets that combine the high-tech design and fashion statement. In 2015, the company started its Parisian flagship store and later expanded to the international platforms including UK, Japan, Europe, Canada, USA, and Europe.


The Pyrenex Fur

The fur used by the brand is what makes the brand unique and distinct from the others. The Pyrenex fur is composed of goose and duck feathers in varying proportions making it bring desired effects in its finished products. Both of them are added in adequate proportion to make sure that the jackets are lightweight and produce the same level of thermal effects.


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