A classic and eccentric leather-goods firm that tends to create an impact in the world of fashion!

Prada is an Italian luxury fashion powerhouse that offers a premium range of leather handbags, footwear collections, travel accessories, perfumes, fragrances, clothing, and much more. Prada is recognized as one of the most progressive brands of all time. The brand is renowned for integrating traditional styles with a modern touch. With Prada, it is assumed that you would continue to rule the landscape of fashion and design with the brand’s premium collection.


The origin of Prada

Prada – The Powerhouse of fashion is originated in the year 1913 in Milan, Italy by Mario Prada. Prada started as a leather goods shop that sold animal goods, trunks, and handbags. The products developed by the company are innovative and made from fine materials with sophisticated design.

The high-end design of the products and their premium and long-lasting nature made them popular among the Italian Royal Family that made Prada become their official supplier. This was a prestigious achievement by the brand at that time. Soon after this, the brand became popular throughout the region.

A few years later, Luisa Prada, the daughter of Mario Prada took over the business and made the brand reach wider audiences. After over 20 years of her business, Miuccia Prada, Luisa Prada’s daughter took control of the family business.

Under Miuccia’s supreme leadership, Prada has reached new horizons at a worldwide scale. Miuccia partnered with Patrizio Bertelli to integrate creativity into the products to make the products liked by international audiences. The other work done under the guidance of Miuccia include the Church’s acquisition, the launch of the womenswear collection, Prada fragrances, Miu Miu fragrances, Prada resort in Times Square, Prada Chinese eCommerce, Prada touchscreen phone, and much more. For her outstanding work, Miuccia Prada has received an award from the British Fashion Council for her integration of creativity and innovation into global fashion.


Defining a unique landscape of fashion

Prada offers a range of cool and luxury wearables that are expected to define the landscape of fashion in the future. The amazing set of stylish dresses does not seem to go out from the market in the near or long-term, instead, the brand seems to create a history with its exceptional range of offerings on a global scale.


A worldwide reach of Prada Group

Prada continues to operate at a global scale with its reach to over 70+ countries operating over 633+ stores. The brand also uses digital technology to extend the reach of its products via eCommerce channeling, e-retailers, and departmental stores. There are over 23+ factories with 13k+ employees who strengthen the brand’s global retailer channels.


Now you can purchase Prada’s product at Fashion Saints

With the brand’s tie-up with Fashion Saints, the end-users can now expect the luxury and premium quality of the products and services available to their doorstep. With this amazing set of offerings, you would never compromise with the latest fashion and will always give yourself new looks and utmost comfort.

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