A British luxury fashion company that distributes ready-to-wear garments!

Burberry is a UK-based luxury fashion powerhouse that distributes ready-to-wear garments and fashion accessories. The company is highly recognized among its customer base for offerings a unique, quality rich fabric, named, Gabardine that is waterproof, breathable, and made exclusively for the customers who need the rich and premium products. The brand has been a choice of living for several high-profile people across the decades.

Burberry, today, has got a wide range of collection of trench coats, footwear, cosmetics, leather goods, fashion accessories, fragrances, eyeliner, and more. These are inclusive of the collection for men, women, and children of all ages. Other than this, the brand also offers a range of stylish bags, shoes, and coats that not just protect you from cold but also makes you ahead in terms of style and fashion statement.


The Origin of Burberry

Burberry was founded by Thomas Burberry in 1856 on the principle that clothing should be designed in a way to protect the British people from the harsh weather conditions. The company came out with its first of a kind fabric named Gabardine. Gabardine was patented in 1888 and was recognized as a waterproof, breathable, and hardwearing fabric.

During the year 1893, Gabardine made an international debut with its clothing outfits being taken to the poles of the Arctic circle. Followed by this, in 1908 Edward Maitland traveled from Crystal Palace to Russia in the hot air balloon while wearing the Gabardine outfit.

In the year 1912, The Tielocken coat was designed and patented and with this Burberry moved to a larger London premise in Haymarket. The Trench coat was used during the First World War that not just helped with Storm Shield but also helped in carrying the equipment like grenades, gun flap, etc. to provide an additional layer of protection during extreme conditions.

In the year 1937, the company offered a service of same-day delivery of Burberry items to its customers allowing the items of the brand to reach the customers within no time. Till 1965, Burberry was so popular worldwide that one of the five coats that were exported from London was a Burberry product.

In 1999, the company redesigned its logo and opened their first store at Bond Street. By 2002, the company became a public listed company floating over the London Stock Exchange. Today, Burberry is recognized as the first brand that Livestream a fashion show and had joined the ethical trading initiative. Burberry was the first brand to have made the runway collections available to their customers immediately after the show. Today, the company has over 500 stores worldwide with its reach to a wider community with an amazing range of products.


A world-class brand promoted by the Celebs worldwide

Burberry has been a choice of living for several celebs worldwide. These include the popular names of Lily Aldridge, Irina Shayk, Karla Welch, Sarah Paulson, Billie Eilish, Samantha Burkhart, Naomi Campbell, Lily James, Joan Smalls, Hunter Schafer, Jorja Smith, Ana de Armas, and more.

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