A brand known for its technical and fashionable outfits!

Parajumpers is known for its everlasting, tough, and courageous nature. The brand makes high-end jackets that are made from premium material that keeps you warm in the cold and extreme weather. The iconic collection of the brand includes Bombers, Parkas, Jackets, Vests, Knits & Fleeces, Bags, Gloves, Hats, Scarves, etc.

All these collections are inspired by the core values of search and rescue i.e. protecting the people from the extreme weather and at the same time giving them a fashionable look that could be preserved for a longer duration of time.


The History of Parajumpers

Parajumpers was founded in 2005 with an accidental meet of Massimo Rossetti and a member of 210th Rescue Squadron in a bar in Alaska. During the meet, Massimo Rossetti had to listen to the story of Parajumpers; how it helped in performing the difficult rescue operation anywhere across the world in any possible situation.

Whether it be the operation in deep-sea or at the submarines or high altitudes, Parajumpers do not hesitate in giving their assistance to the once in need. Its story has been highly inspirational to Massimo Rossetti and in order to give tribute to the Parajumpers, he started with a collection of high-quality, resistant, and comfortable outfits for the common people that could protect them from the cold and adverse weather conditions.

The success of Parajumpers has been a result of its outstanding nature, and quality products. Each of the Parajumper garment is both fashionable and functional. An individual wearing the brand can sustain under all weather conditions. The brand’s products do not follow the seasonal trend practice, in fact, the buyers preserve the garment for years.

By 2006, the brand expanded to the knitwear collection incorporating the features that are typically found in the quilted panels.


What’s unique about Parajumpers?

The one thing that distinguishes Parajumpers from the other brands is the technical quality of the garments and its attention to the details. It is reflected in the garments in terms of zipped-vents, hidden pockets, quality of the fabric, double-taping on snap fixtures, etc.

The technical details, fashionable outfits, and budget-friendly outfits make the brand a #1 choice among the wearers.


The popularity of Parajumpers!

Parajumpers has been widely popular among the masses for its quality outfits that could be preserved for several years. Several celebs including Geri Halliwell, Bradley Cooper, and many others have promoted the brand by wearing the outfits in several events and occasions.


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